Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Introducing Wej. Wireless MIDI base.

Wej is a non-skid performance platform that lets you connect your USB controllers to your iOS music apps wirelessly over the new Apple Bluetooth LE MIDI protocol. Plus it features super bright multicolor LEDs that dance in time to the music.

Wej needs you! With your help, we're looking to gather enough pre-orders to support building Wej. Save 20% and get Wej for just $99.00 if you order before November 7. Visit preorder.retronyms.com.

Connect your controllers to Wej, and it will transmit their MIDI messages wirelessly to your iPad. Expand your iOS studio with keyboards, drum pads, fader banks, sequencers, and more. Wej uses Apple's Bluetooth Midi protocol introduced in iOS 8, providing a fast wireless bridge. Wej is compatible with any app that supports this protocol.

Wej is powered. Use it to charge any USB device, including your iPhone or iPad (even while it's connected to a controller). Supply enough juice to run power-hungry USB music gear.

Use Wej to add ambiance to your studio or serve as an ultra-portable light show with its bank of programmable multicolor LEDs.

Customize your animated light patterns with the Wej Control App. It's a Tabletop Ready app that integrates seamlessly with Retronyms software and works with anything that supports Apple's Inter-App Audio standard on iOS.

Open Source and Hackable

Built with open source in mind. The core of Wej is an Arduino application processor. Download our open-source sketch and hack away at it. Learn more at preorder.retronyms.com/hacks.html

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