Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Phase84: next gen Tabletop Ready Synth

Phase84 is a next generation phase distortion synthesizer. It fuses gritty digital sounds with traditional analog punch.

Phase84 is an extremely capable synthesizer and features over 110 presets, containing all sorts of basses, leads, pads, bell tones, sweeps, atmospheric sounds, pseudo-realistic tones, and more. While you don't need to know much about synthesizers to get a lot out of Phase84, experienced synth tweakers will be thrilled at the sheer variety of unique sounds that can be produced with this incredibly versatile synth.

Phase84 is what's known as a Phase Distortion synthesizer. This form of waveshaping synthesis has its roots in Casio’s brilliant CZ line of digital synthesizers from the 80s. It is designed to have the warmth of a subtractive (analog) synthesizer, yet be capable of the squelchy tones and sharp attacks of an FM synth. Phase84 in particular can create warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, filthy sweeps, screaming leads, and anything in-between.

For those familiar with the typical Moog-like (or iMini-like!) synthesis, think of the "shaper" as being synonymous with "brightness" or "filter cutoff”.

– More than 100 presets.
– MIDI support.
– Inter-App Audio support.
– Advanced Keyboard section.
– Expressive Perform Mode with expressive 2-axis controllers
– Groove Gate editable amp and shaper patterns.
– Precision Knob mode.
– Phat, naturalistic unison feature for super thick pads and sweeps.
– Oscillator Section: 9 Params, 2 General-Purpose Oscillators, 1 Formant Oscillator.
– Mix Section: 8 Params including Delay Amount and Pulse Width.
– Envelope Section: Amplitude and Shaper Envelopes.
– Fully visualized and interactive ADSR plus special Fade Param.
– Delay/Filter Section: Stereo delay with loss modeling and a punchy overdriven analog-style filter.
– 3 LFOs: More flexible than your average LFO, this has 4 waveforms, optional delay and repeat count, and can go into the audible frequency range.
– Tabletop Ready App.

Other updates for Retronyms and Arturia Apps:

Tabletop (update now!):
– Phase84 support.
– CloudSeeder "latest" feed fixed.
– Various bug and stability fixes.

iProphet (update now!):
– Updated Audiobus to 2.1.5
– Updated for iOS8
– Fixed MIDI channel selector not showing devices in some cases.
– Fixed mismatched 3rd oscillator on preset load.
– Fixed an issue where turning the Frequency knobs all the way to the right would act as if it was at 0.
– Added custom preset delete.

iMini (update in review for App Store):
– Updated Audiobus to 2.1.5.
– Updated for iOS 8.
– Added MIDI channel selector.
– Added precision knob mode.
– Added custom preset delete.

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