Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Debacle" Hackathon 2015 recap

Last week was Retronyms annual retreat/hackathon, affectionately referred to as the "Debacle". We made lots of great progress on AudioCopy, iMPC Pro, Wej, and more. Here's some highlights from youtube:

JP was making samples for a new AudioCopy Store Sound Pack... using AudioCopy :) Grabbing a bunch of samples in AudioCopy allows you to use them in any apps... convenient.

Louis shows of the latest progress on the Slice Loop feature in iMPC Pro. There's more info about this this in recent iMPC Pro Log videos. It's looking and sounding quite nice.

AudioCopy workflow is getting a big improvement — Locky shows off the Multi-paste feature coming soon to the SDK. You'll be able to paste entire folders of sounds with one tap. Slick!

There's more photos and posts from Debacle 2015 on our Facebook page. Stop by and say "hi".

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