Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hook for iMPC Pro

iMPC Pro v1.6 is available now. IAA bug fixes, editor bug fixes. Improved performance. Improved AudioCopy support which adds enhanced compatibility with Hook (see below for details).

Hook is a new music performance, mashup, and DJ app for iPhone and iPad. Arrange and trigger loops on a grid and create dynamic, expressive transitions with the Flux Fader — a multitouch "smart crossfader" that allows you to expressively make transitions between any combination of tracks/cells on the fly.

Real creative power can be found in the integrated sampler — record from mic/line, other apps via inter-app audio, and grab hooks from iTunes and Spotify. Change tempo in real time, and keep all your hooks in sync. Hook is a pro tool with a full mixer, tons of tracks, integrated FX bus, per-cell fx, transpose, time stretching, tuning, timing and trigger settings, and more. Imagine the clip launching capabilities of Ableton Live in a futuristic multitouch environment.

Hook features support for Ableton Link, MIDI Learn, and Inter-App Audio. AudioCopy compatibility allows users to paste sound from 100’s of compatible Apps and take advantage of the massive Content Store which includes 100’s of Sound Packs from Loopmasters, Retronyms, and more.

Hook is available now $12.99 for iPad and Free for iPhone. Learn more.

Tight integration with iMPC Pro

Hook is a perfect way to perform your iMPC Pro sequences live. Create live sets where you combine your iMPC Loops with other samples and loops from your other apps, Spotify hooks, Content Store loops, and more.

When you copy Sequences from iMPC Pro, the tempo and beat grid are preserved as metadata in AudioCopy. When you paste in Hook, the loop will automatically work, no additional slicing required.

Tech note, known issue: This currently only works if you use the "copy sequence" button found in the main menu (the "copy sequence" button in the song page doesn't preserve metadata).

Wej is Shipping!

Expand your iOS device's music connectivity with Wej — iOS music hub! Wef combines a non-skid performance base with integrated lightshow and wireless MIDI for up to two controllers — all while keeping your iOS device charged. 149USD. Learn more.

Thanks to everyone who pre ordered Wej! All preorder units sold out! All pre orders have been shipped (if you haven’t received shipping confirmation, contact Eric at

Hook release event: 40% off all Loopmasters Packs

To celebrate the release of Hook, all Loopmasters Packs are 40% off through the end July. Loopmasters Sound Packs are perfect in Hook and iMPC Pro. Act fast to get your hands on some at a huge deal.


  1. What about the other way around? Is it possible to export a Hook sample to use in iMPC Pro?

    1. Hi Herman,

      Currently its not possible to export Hook samples with metadata into iMPC Pro. However you can AudioCopy your Hook loops or an entire recorded track from Hook to AudioCopy and then paste in iMPC Pro.


  2. Hi Eric - how do you do that? I don't seem to find the button ...

    1. You can find the option after you have recorded something. Follow these steps here from our Knowledge Base article: