Friday, October 7, 2016

WEEKEND GIVEAWAY | We're getting funky this #FreshFriday!

Instant Happiness!

Who remembers his adventures in funk? We decided to celebrate by giving away a FREE download of Phase84 + a FREE sound pack of your choice to one of our lucky Instagram followers. Follow us and be entered to win!

Headbang your way into the weekend!

Taking you on a cosmic journey of sound - Drum and Bass Neuro Science is the epicenter of oncoming sonic warfare! Packed with big basslines, potent drum beats, warped FX and modified synth darkness - Loopmasters bring you the best in urban-industrial bass!

Drum and Bass Neuro Science comes direct fro the underworld laboratory of Dan Larson – and features 100 individual samples including 50 Loops & 50 One Shots - all the Bass, Drums, Synths and FX you need to rip up the sound system! Delivered at 174BPM, you have all the content you need for Drum & Bass, Jungle, and other high-octane genres.

This pack is designed to work great in Hook — Live DJ and Mashup Workstation! When you drag the pack to the stage, Hook will lay it out perfectly, making it easy to start DJing with it. 

This is what dreams are made of!

What do you call a psychedelic trip with funk music?

... Uh we have no idea, but this week's Retronyms sale pack is called Funky Dream!

In all seriousness, this pack features electric guitar, bass and dynamic drums that are reminiscent of disco funk. Produced by Colin Yarck who's done tons of incredible creative work in composition and sound design, think of this pack as a cross section between Brick House and Marvin Gaye. Funky mid-tempo, dusty, soul infused, discofunk samples at 112 BPM. If you're into that sort of thing, then Funky Dream is what you're looking for - just $0.99 this weekend.

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