Friday, December 16, 2016

We're sure you won't want to miss this #FreshFriday release.

New Release Brings the Heat

Loopmasters presents Surefire Trap – a collection of in-your-face trap sounds, provided 100% royalty-free and ready to be deployed on the dance floor. Inside this collection, you’ll find edgy bass loops, build ups, drums and melodies for all your needs. One shots feature Drums, FX and Vocal samples primed for Trap.

Drums come hard and punchy – along with an extensive FX folder, including impacts, sweeps up and sweeps down – with white noise and risers galore. Vocal phrases are also included for that vital human element! Surefire Trap offers a wealth of epic content for just $7.99.

This pack is designed to work great in Hook — Live DJ and Mashup Workstation! When you drag this pack to the stage, Hook will Lay it out perfectly making it easy to start DJing with it.

Dyamite Weekend Sale

"I am slowly trying to evolve my old school style into modern techniques and productions, while maintaining what makes a vherbal beat special. I must say, so far it has been very fun." - Vherbal Beats

To go along with Surefire Trap's release, we wanted to put Boom Bap All Stars on sale for $0.99 this weekend. Vherbal has also produced popular packs such as Chronic Sounds and Street Philosophy for Retronyms!

"The MPC itself has been used for most of the hip hop I grew up loving, so I knew what I could bring to the table sound-wise. Taking a boom bap style, which is almost completely sample based, and making all original packs without sacrificing the sound and feel is almost a miracle." - Vherbal Beats

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