Thursday, May 25, 2017

Let's chill.

Dreamy underground sounds. 

Loopmasters present Chill House and Garage – a fresh selection of underground sounds with a modern downtempo twist; ideal for laid back sessions and ambient poolside grooves. This Hook-enhanced sound pack is overflowing with loops covering smooth bass, lush music, evolving FX and a myriad of drum combinations.

Chill House and Garage is the perfect fusion of underground beats and uplifting melodies. We're pairing it with this weekend's $0.99 sale pack: Clint Breeze Electro Hip Hop Pop.

And in case you missed it, #WejWednesday was in full swing this week at the office. We've been working hard on an update to one of our apps. Any guesses on what app it is? Leave a comment and let us know your guess! If you're right, we'll add you to our beta list.

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