Monday, June 11, 2018

Spotify Sample Challenge: June

❤️It's Pride month and we're celebrating with a Spotify challenge.

🧡Sample any one of these tracks, make a song, and upload it to YouTube via AudioCopy. In your description, be sure to mention #AudioCopy and #Pride so we know you're competing.

💛Here's how to grab a track in iMPC Pro 2
Open a session --> Tap Tweak --> Tap New Sound --> Tap Turntable --> Tap Spotify --> Log in to your account --> Tap Retronyms Playlist --> Choose a song!

💚Here's what to do if you don't have Spotify: 
Check out the playlist here and get creative with how you grab that sample. Our iMPC apps + Hook give you access to the turntable, but we know there's plenty of options.

💙For an extra entry, tag us on social media. Winner gets a sound pack of their choice! Winner will be announced next week on June 18th.

💜Good luck. 🎧

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