Friday, August 30, 2019

Splash Sale for #FreshFriday 🌊

There's good news, and there's bad news.

Hey, Jordan the Sound Pack Guy here. The bad news is, I accidentally splashed some water on my computer after jamming out too hard to the latest sound pack in production. The computer is in the shop, so there won't be a new sound pack coming out this Friday. Note to self: electronics, water, and dancing don't mix.

The good news is, we're having a Splash Sale all weekend! Five packs from Loopmasters will be half off until Monday. My computer dies, and you get an awesome sale. Not bad, huh?

Liquid Trap: A pleasing and professional-grade trap pack with long loops, versatile one hits, and soulful grooves. It's trap with a smoother, more liquid feel. This is a great pack for beginners and for the more experienced. 

Turf Smoke: Crisp and cutting beats that bring a smoky vibe to your creativity. Warning: smoke may be produced from your device by its jazzy stylings and intense drum loops.

Robotica: Drum & Bass created in a lab by a mysterious producer. Tons of glitchy, robotic sounds litter this pack and make you feel like you are at a rave in a malfunctioning computer.

Retro Wave: Return to the '80s with these synth-heavy New Wave sounds. This pack has some incredible classic drum sounds and dreamy synths that I personally love.

Bass Funk: A crossover between '70s funk and disco, dubstep, and a glitchy computer. It's got killer vocal hooks, quality breaks, and everything you need to pump up the night.

Each of these packs have 100 loops and one hits, and are only $3.99 instead of their regular price of $7.99. Don't miss your chance to get these packs at their lowest price ever. Check 'em out today in the Content Store!


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