Tuesday, March 31, 2020

iMPC Pro 2 Update (2.1.2) 🎵

Hey music makers, hope you're doing well in this crazy time. We are happy to release the latest update to iMPC Pro 2, version 2.1.2. This update contains many bug fixes and feature improvements, including:

  • Scan for both Inter-App Generators and Instruments in Turntable view
  • More precise VU meter on Audio Track's Tweak/Perform views
  • Fixed Turntable crash when trying to browse iTunes library in iOS 13
  • Fixed red transport bar not displaying properly in iOS 13
  • In Tracks view, select a valid track after deleting from the middle of tracks
  • Rapid swipes for tuning knob are now reliable in precision mode
  • Fixed units for tuning knob's precision mode
  • Fixed track's sequence index when changing track type to AudioUnit
  • Pasted and duplicated notes are now selected after operation
  • Fixed triplet value when selecting them from note grid
  • Fixed bright gradient when foregrounding app
  • New segmented control style for iOS 13
  • Fixed crash when browsing media library on iOS 13

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