Monday, September 21, 2020

📣 AudioUnit Users, Wait to Update to iOS 14.

Hi iMPC Pro 2 fans,
As you know, iOS 14 is finally here! But, unfortunately, we have some bad news about that: iMPC Pro 2 now crashes when connecting AudioUnits. I began working with Apple's technical support on solving this, and they seem to think it could be a bug in the OS itself. Why this happens with iMPC Pro 2 but not other apps is currently unknown. We hope it can be resolved quickly, and will keep everyone in the loop.

For now, please don't update to iOS 14 if you plan to use iMPC Pro 2 with AudioUnits. And, as always, be safe: when updating, don't forget to back up the iPad or iPhone to a computer so you can restore the old OS if necessary.

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