Sunday, February 7, 2021

How to Transfer Projects Between Devices (and Friends!) 🎶

With this feature, you can take your projects on the go and collaborate with your friends. iMPC Pro 2 was designed to intergrate your music creation with the rest of your workflow. Here's how to do it. All you're going to need is iMPC Pro 2 (for iPad or iPhone), and a Files-messaging app. We recommend using Telegram -- our staff uses this app for everything. You can even join The Honest Truth chat to meet other people who use our iMPC apps.

To do this tutorial, you will use the two buttons located on the main page of iMPC Pro 2: Archive and Import Project.

Exporting A Project

1. Open up iMPC Pro 2 on your device.
2. Navigate to the project you want to export.
3. Tap "Archive" underneath the project. This will create a .zip file that will be stored in the Files app.
4. Open up Files app and locate your recent project.
5. Tap "Share" and locate the Telegram app, where you can then send it to yourself (or your friend).
6. If you are sending to a friend, you're done! They will have your project. If you're sending it to another one of your devices, now's the time to grab your other device!

Importing A Project

7. On your other device, open up the Telegram app.
8. Download the .zip you sent yourself. This will save to the Files app.
9. Open up iMPC Pro 2.
10. Tap Import Project. You will see all of your .zip files available for importing.

This tutorial works across both iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone and iPad, and will work with any device that has Files app (iOS 11 and above). Do you want to see more tutorials like this? Let me know in the comments. Tag us in your videos/songs - we always love listening to what you all come up with creatively.

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