Thursday, March 4, 2021

Experience Modern Nostalgia with Arturia Apps. 🎢✨

Legendary Sounds at your Fingertips

Our partnership with Arturia brought their classic hardware to iOS and both iMini and iProphet offer new twists on creativity. From March 5th, 2021 to March 12th, 2021, both iMini and iProphet are on sale for 50% off each.
iMini offers a level of sound quality never before found on the iPad, as well as over 500 sounds by leading sound designers. iMini is a recreation of the legendary synthesizer created by Bob Moog in 1971, one of most iconic synthesizers of all time. Use it in Tabletop to compose your music or watch this video demo of how to use the app.

Rediscover a legendary synthesizer from the ‘80s, the Prophet VS. Join in the same experiences shared by the many outstanding musicians who played and created with this amazing instrument. Deep pads, intense leads, unique effects: an iconic realm of sounds is now at your fingertips with iProphet.
POLL //Would you like to see these apps as Audio Units? Let us know in the comments... πŸ‘€πŸ˜‰

Content Store Pairings

Not familiar with synths, or unsure of how to integrate them into your workflow? Sample some of our Sound Packs in the Content Store. We've curated a group of synth packs to help you get started.

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