Monday, March 20, 2023

Are these the Digital Whispers of AI?


The Freshest Drop

Hypnotizing and digital, PC Underpass brings moving sunsets and driving beats. Does the pack bring California highs to your motherboard lows? Yes. But it is up to YOU to utilize these heavy kicks, cutting snares, and nearly alive bass loops to stay there. PC Underpass, connects with us here at the Social Section, because it feels like every possibility in the universe, but it could a slip away in a moment.

Become dangerous with the unique scythe loops and rolling percussion. Global Social Section is a hive minded conglomerate with pursuits of elevating, contradicting and maintaining the status quo; if you want to know more follow with your eyes, ears and nose.

115 BPM

38 Loops
48 One shots

Don't Sleep on These Sounds

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