Monday, June 12, 2023

šŸ’„This new Pro Pack is a summer BlockBusteršŸ’„

The Freshest Drop

Have you ever wanted to make a custom soundtrack for a dramatic scene in your story? Well, we are thrilled to bring to you the freshest Sound Pack to the AudioCopy Content Store. The Hollywood Trap sound pack is the perfect starter kit to produce your own emotionally charged themes with powerful loops and one shots organized in 5 kits in this iMPC Pro Pack.

The MASSIVE bass, brass and vocal sounds on the Brassy Kit will fill the air with suspense. Set the mood with the smooth and sultry sounds from the Emo Kid Kit. Set a somber and reflective mood with the reflective loops in the Life Kit. Borrow a few notes from the middle earth from the Vox Angel Kit.

Test out a selection of the loops and one shots from the Ritual Kit in the Content Store demo player and hear the haunting and epic sounds for yourself.

Move your plot forward with these epic film-like soundtrack beats with slamming bass and chilling melodies. The Hollywood Trap sound pack was produced and mastered by Vherbal Beats with iMPC Pro 2 at the astounding Fat Goat Studio in Historic Buffalo, New York.

80-148 BPM

Don't Sleep on These Sounds

This is your chance to pick up two favorites of our Music Makers. Midwest Trap Vol.1 and Vol. 2 left a strong impression when originally released and now you can pick up each of them for only $1.99. Don't miss out, this offer ends on June 19th, 2023.

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