Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes...To Tabletop

Some wicked cool new features are coming to Tabletop November 15!  What you ask?  Oh, we can't say.  But we can tell you to be excited.  Very excited.

All right, maybe just a hint.  Sounds and sharing.

Sounds!  What kinds of sounds!?!
No, that's all you're getting.

Sharing!  How!?!
Seriously, stop.  No more clues.  You gotta wait 'til Tuesday for the rest.  But get your songs ready...


  1. does it involve iCloud?

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  3. Uninstalling right now...

    7 Euro for the new synth? I've had it with your pricing scheme!
    whoa, I've never uninstalled an app because I didn't agree with their pricing scheme, yet again NO ONE has that annoyingly high-priced mugging on the in-app purchases... I've already paid you 16 Euro! No wonder you can't get past the 3 stars in how your app's being rated, when people rate an app they consider the quality/price ratio as well.

    You have somewhat a nice app here but whoever does your marketing needs to wake up, seriously.

    See you when you come to your senses!

  4. Bought yesterday and after some try the app crashed! Today I already updated and... crash again!! Boys, you have to do some for this. Is not polite to ask money for a crashing app. The project is really interesting but too buggy.
    I'll move to BeatMaker 2 that for less money gives more. Sorry but this review is nothing more than the truth.

  5. When does it crash? On launch? Is this an iPad 1? Could you try rebooting? Email me at I'll try to get to the bottom of this.

  6. 16 euros and you're complaining!? Guess I'm just used to paying hundreds for my synths. Folks need to wake up and realize all the time and money that gets sunk into these apps and appreciate it.

  7. This is what I call "Microsoft" mentality... If it does not work do a Ctrl-Alt-Del

  8. Hey Retronyms!
    You state that the new synth comes with the update!
    I updated, and I still have to pay for the synth.
    At least in my language it's quite some differences between "comes with the update" and "in-app purchase"!
    Be clear and consistent in your statements!
    Is it free or not?