Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tabletop 1.2 Released!

Tabletop 1.2 is now available in the App Store, and with it comes some very exciting new features - a fully programmable subtractive synthesizer available for in-app purchase and uploading to SoundCloud!

First on the list is RS4000, the new subtractive synth that's packed with everything you need to create just the sounds you want.  It features:

- Two oscillators that can be set to either a sine, sawtooth, square or triangle waveform
- Octave, semitone and tune controls for Oscillator A
- Phase, phase modulation, balance and drive oscillator interaction controls
- Low pass, high pass, band pass, peak and notch filters
- ADSR, LFO and modulation controls
- Sequencing (quantize, cut/copy/paste)
- Six octave keyboard with scrolling

Also in the mix is the option to upload content to your SoundCloud account.  Record the sample or song from Recorder M2 and tap share from the preview/rename/discard/keep view.  Make sure you share before keeping the track in Tabletop - tapping "keep" closes the view and arms the Recorder!

From the opened SoundCloud menu you can tag your clip as either public or private, and you can post public tracks to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Foursquare.  Add a picture to go with the track and some what/where info too.

Also included in the release are new sounds in Gridlok, M8RX and RS3 from +verb.

RS4000 is available for $9.99, and to celebrate the new release Tabletop is on sale for $0.99 until Thursday.  Hurry up and grab the update and enjoy the new features!


  1. RS4000 = owned for me and I didn't paid 9.99$

  2. Me too, glad I didn't have to pay

  3. Yah, previous synth was no good, new one was free so, worked out nice
    Is it supposed to be paid for? Then how come I got it free with the update

  4. I also got it free, although I would have GLADLY paid for it (along with all other bits and pieces for this great app). Either way, keep up the amazing work, still looking forward to Core MIDI so I can trigger everything with my synths!

  5. I am really loving the tabletop.. Just loaded 1500 of my own drums and samples into it to use in the gridlock .. I really miss a 'next' button.. A arrow left and right that will take me to the next sample in the library i am in.. That would help out alot..

  6. Oh.. Also.. Is it possible to add the features to set a lower tempo than 80 BPM? I see no logical reason to set up 80 BPM as a limit.

    And the feature to use other than 4/4 would be nice to have added..

    Thats the only things i can put my finger on..