Friday, March 16, 2012

Moving Tabletop Devices between iPads

UPDATE: There is *one* important exception to the information I posted a few minutes ago, which is as follows: There were a few users who had devices added to their account by customer support after the first Tabletop update was released. For these users and these devices only, you'll need to repeat the original process you went through to unlock these devices. Don't try to do the "re-buy" thing described below or you will actually be charged for them. Sorry for any confusion!

Original Blog Post:

Oh hey... Did we hear something about a new iPad coming out today? Is that like... a pretty big deal? Haha, but seriously folks... we've been getting quite a few emails and tweets in the past few hours that are all asking the same question... "How can I get all the Tabletop devices I've purchased onto my shiny, new iPad?" So, rather than cutting & pasting the same reply into a dozen different emails, we decided to post this blog! (and then cut and paste the link into a dozen different emails...)

So, to move your devices to a new iPad, you have 2 options. You can either...

1. Use the "Back Up" option on your old iPad (in the desktop iTunes app on Mac or PC) and then...

2. Use the "Restore from Backup" option on your new iPad.

Doing this will move *everything* from one iPad to the next, including all your apps, music, video, and (most importantly!) in-app purchases! Of course, you may not want to move *everything* from one iPad to the next, so there is another way.

First, make note of which devices you've purchased on the old iPad. Then, after installing Tabletop and signing in with the same iTunes account on your new iPad, simply go back and "re-buy" each device you already own. I know this seems a bit counter-intuitive and I'm not sure why they chose to make the in-app purchase process work this way, but here are some screenshots I took on my own iPad just to show you how it works.

 So first you click on the big green "Buy Now" button in Tabletop...

Then, even though you already own this device, it asks if you want to purchase it again...

You even have to log into your account again, just like with a real purchase...

But then... Surprise! Now they check to see if you already made this purchase before, and since you did (you signed in with the same iTunes account, right?!) it happily completes the transaction without charging you again!

Anyway, hope this is helpful, and we apologize that there's not an easier way to do this, especially for those of you who have purchased lots of devices! We're working on some ways to simplify all this in a future release of Tabletop & hopefully we'll have that ready before any more new iPad models are released... As always, if you have any other questions about Tabletop that aren't answered here, please email us at and we'll respond as quickly as we can. Thanks & enjoy those new iPads!


  1. How do I find out what devices I own? If I go through this process and get it wrong then I pay for something I thought I already had. Can you just add a 'restore purchases' button?

  2. I agree with the previous poster .... I can't remember what device I had previously purchased.

  3. We need to add a restore purchase button. We will do this in the next update.

    In the meantime there are two options. You can restore your old iPad or you can look at your purchase history in iTunes.

    Just open iTunes, go to iTunes Store, make sure you're signed in to your account, go to Account (in the right hand menu), then Purchase History and See All.