Monday, March 19, 2012

StudioTrack 1.5 Update Save $9.99 on StudioTrack and $4.99 on FourTrack

Big news from our friends at Sonoma WireWorks as they've just announced the release of a new version of StudioTrack, the highly acclaimed multitrack recording app for iPad, developed in partnership with Retronyms!

The new version includes:
  • GuitarTone Amps & Effects: Interpretations of essential vintage and custom amps and pedals. GuitarTone includes three free amps ('60 Slant, Custom and Tweed Blues) and three free effects (UltraPhase, Drive+ and Va-Room), with additional tones available for $9.99 per 12-pack. Amp and effect packs purchased in the GuitarTone app are activated in FourTrack and StudioTrack. GuitarJack activates $19.98 worth of GuitarTone amps and effects while connected.
  • Free High Visibility Tuner: Fast, accurate tuning.
  • GuitarJack Control Panel - Adjust the input settings and modes for Sonoma's GuitarJack high quality interface that connects a wide range of instruments, microphones, and other audio hardware to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Select 1/4-inch line in, stereo 1/8-inch line in for mono or stereo recording, or use both inputs for simultaneous voice and instrument recording onto two tracks at once. GuitarJack's 1/8-inch stereo line/headphone output offers increased drive for headphones. GuitarJack features Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes, 60 dB of continuous level control, a 12 dB pad for 72 dB of adjustment, a 24-bit AD/DA converter, and the highest quality sound when compared to alternative accessories.
To celebrate, StudioTrack and FourTrack are half off for a limited time. Save $9.99 on StudioTrack (was $19.99) and save $4.99 on FourTrack (was $9.99).

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