Thursday, July 16, 2015

AudioCopy SDK 3

AudioCopy continues to be an essential utility on iOS — 80,000 active users per month copy, paste, record, and share sounds while the Compatible Apps list drives 13,800 downloads of music and audio apps every month.

On June 3rd, AudioCopy SDK 3 graduated from beta and was officially released. SDK 3 is a drop-in replacement to SDK 2 and includes new features and a revenue opportunity for app developers.

Sound Metadata
Sounds copied and pasted with AudioCopy can now include metadata. For example, Sounds from the AudioCopy Content Store include useful information such as total beats, tempo and transient marker locations. Apps can make use of this information and add their own if needed. Learn more.

Paste All Sounds
Known as “Multiple Paste” in the SDK. This allows users to paste entire directories of sounds with one tap. This has been a big workflow improvement for our apps and can be found in iMPC Pro. Developers can take advantage of this feature to speed up sound import. Learn more.

Content Store Affiliate Program
In early 2015, we launched a Content Store inside the standalone AudioCopy app. Since then it has grown as Akai Professional and Loopmasters have published nearly 100 royalty free Sound Packs with more to come.

The SDK itself remains a utility only. It doesn’t market Sound Packs or promote the Content Store. However, we want developers to be able participate when people buy Sound Packs and paste them into compatible apps. In the Affiliate Program, Developers earn a 10% commission on Sound Pack sales. The commission is assigned the first time a Sound Pack is pasted.

Participation is optional, and getting involved is as simple as including your affiliate token in your app release. Participating apps are not required to promote the Content Store.

Right now, we’re already tracking commission if you've included affiliate tokens in apps. We’re working on a update to the developer portal that displays earned credit, payment history, and allows developers to request payments. We hope to launch this within the next couple of weeks.

Go to for more information and to get the SDK. Please email Dan with any feedback or questions: danwalton [at]

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