Friday, July 17, 2015

Weekend Sale and Wej Progress

Weekend Pack Sale

Save 50% on Opolopo Electro Funk through Sunday, July 19.

Loopmasters are proud to present a fresh and exciting collection of inspirational Electronic samples which are drenched in  Electro Funk, Soul and Boogie - courtesy of Opolopo.

"With this sample pack I take the cue from my "Voltage Controlled Feelings" album and continue to explore and interpret  the origins of Electro-Funk and Boogie. Loads of juicy and fat synths, slapped bass, sparkling Rhodes and slamming drums. Mostly interchangeable four bar loops - some clean, some noisy and dirty - all hand crafted for your cutting and pasting pleasure!"

Wej Progress: Circuit Board

We got an exciting package in the mail today — the Wej circuit board! It's not quite the production version; we're using this for final debugging and programming as we close in on another milestone...

Weekend Tabletop Sale

75% off DEADBEAT through Sunday, July 19.

An expressive glitching surface that takes advantage of the accelerometer. Touch the screen to stutter and loop the beat while tilting the iPad in all directions to control repeat speed and filters. Drag your finger to control the mix and pitch! This one is perfect for performance as you create audiovisual fireworks. Drop the beat like never before! Exclusive to Tabletop — Grab it this weekend for a screaming deal.

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  1. It is another great post about Weekend Sale and Wej Progress! I have pleased to know about program the circuit board as well. By the way, keep posting things like this. Have a good day!