Monday, January 21, 2019


New Year, New Features 🎶

What’s New: 

This update includes a lot! Here’s the break down. If you have questions, email us at If you’re enjoying the update, we’d love if you rate the app :) 

  • AudioUnit track MIDI data can now be exported to MPC Desktop
  • Mute group colors now display in Perform view
  • Warn and clear pad when a user tries to load a malformed .wav file
  • Sequencer note selection more visually consistent (notes did not turn blue upon select all)
  • When tabbing between categories in the sound browser, you can now clear search
  • Display audio input device name in New Sound menu
  • Added MIDI Monitor and Bluetooth MIDI pairing menu
  • Audio track general stability and fixed visual bugs
  • Display lays out better on large iPads
  • Demo Session/My Projects tab stays in sync
  • Fixed Ableton Link dialog disappearing after some AudioCopy exports
  • Nicer turntable behavior on larger iPads
  • Sharing a sound to AudioCopy no longer gives the user a blank Ableton Link menu
  • Fixed visual bug in Mic/Line threshold bar
  • Fix sync bug with audio tracks and Ableton Link
  • Current MIDI learn mapping clears when turning MPC Mode on
  • Mix-to-mono-R bug fixed (it would blank the audio if you tried to keep only the right side)
  • Improved Bluetooth Audio support
  • Toggling REC off does not hitch on slower iPads
  • Fixed buzzing bug when hot-swapping new audio input device in New Sound menu
  • Fixed instability when AudioPasting a large sound into an Audio Track
  • Fixed bug where deleting a user program could delete the wrong program
  • Sound Editor: Fixed mis-slicing bug in chop/slice mode when set to auto-slice and when combined with trim
  • Fix for Sound Editor: Crash when going to auto from grid
  • Fixed buzzing on input when using external audio devices

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