Thursday, February 7, 2019

🎸UPDATE AVAILABLE: Looperverse Version 1.3🎶

Here's What's New 🎁

We've been working hard this month on a Looperverse update for you. Let us know what you think of version 1.3! If you're enjoying this update, will you consider leaving us a review on our App Store Page? If you need help or have questions, please email us at :)

New Features: 
  • Metronome volume saves with the scene
  • Name your .wav when saving a scene
  • BPM now goes down to 20 for Ableton Link purposes (30 was the old limit)
  • Simple iOS Files app support
  • Build number is now displayed on the help screen
Universal Fixes:
  • Fixed clicks in mixdown
  • Fixed instability when pasting audio in with AudioCopy
  • "Audio in Background" now shown as enabled and greyed out when it cannot be disabled (Ableton Link is on, InterApp is on, or AudioBus is on)
  • Fixed bug where wrapped region of sound can lose sync
  • Fixed bug where duplicated region started playback immediately
  • Minor visual fixes
  • CC82 with value 0 now turns off the metronome as expected
  • Various other small bug fixes
iPad Specific Fixes: 
  • AudioPaste destination app dialog looks better
  • Layout of MIDI learn overlays fixed for iPad Pro 10.5"
iPhone Specific Fixes: 
  • Fix crackling sound on some iPhones (models which don't have headphone jacks)
  • Fixed keyboard covering up the save dialogs on some iPhone display sizes
  • AudioPaste no longer dismisses before users can select destination app
  • AudioPaste doesn't freeze the UI or distort the waveform after dismissal
  • The toolbar is now scrollable during MIDI learn so that owners of smaller phones can learn all transport controls

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