Monday, September 18, 2023

🎶 "Strangers" from Kenya Grace- 130 million Streams!

Kenya Grace's hit single "Strangers"🔥 

It's no secret that we've been fans of Kenya Grace for a while now. Just a few month ago, we were celebrating Kenya Grace with our Music Makers after the release of her single "Meteor". We didn't have to be psychics or prophets to claim that she was a "Meteor on the Rise". We couldn't have been more right!

Kenya's latest release and first single with her new record label is toping the charts with more than 40 million, err I mean, 70 million streams on Spotify in its first month! It could be over 100 million by the time you read this post.  "Strangers" features Kenya's surreal vocals over a subtle and driving beat that will live rent free in your mind and on the majority of "Reels" on the internet. Make sure you check it out on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube

Kenya's vocal talent has the distinct ability to create a space of intimacy for each listener, gently grab the chords emotional connection and tug at the most subtle strings of the heart. She's leaves the listener with a splendid haunting for hours on end. We would not be surprised if "Strangers" or her next single is the anthem we all desire in the coming months of autumnal hauntings. 

There doesn't seem to be a well defined "PATH" these days to make it big as a musician and this makes it all the more impressive what Kenya Grace has achieved. Our talented colleague, Joey Hendrickson, discovered her through her YouTube videos when she only had a few thousand subscribers. We started a conversation with her while the world was still in its pandemic cocoon and discovered that her production style would be a great fit for a series of sound packs for our community of nearly 100,000 music makers all over the world. 

In the last 2 years, Kenya has worked hard to display her musical talents in more than a few viral reels on Tin Tok, Instagram and elsewhere. We couldn't be happier for the recognition Kenya has received since the beginning of her partnership with Retronyms to release The Elemental Vocal Series to the AudioCopy Content Store. 

We believe our community of Music Makers played an important role in recognizing her talent, engaging with her content on social media and helping Kenya Grace find her own unique path to success! We hope we can continue to push other Music Makers and iMPC Pro users to find their own path in this world beyond record labels and billboard charts. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you are a Music Maker looking for that path. 

Kenya Grace - Elemental Vocal Series

Get to know Kenya better by exploring the Elemental Vocal Series she release with Retronyms in 2021 and 2022 and tell you friends you were into her before she made it big. 😉 These 4 vocal sound packs are royalty free with hundreds of loops and one shots. These will allow you to add Kenya's distinctive vocal talent to your next project. Check them out in the AudioCopy content store and demo the loops and one shots with your built in sampler. 

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