Friday, February 25, 2011

Retronyms are Looking for an Intern

We're hoping to find a full-time software engineering intern who can start working in our SF office immediately (no telecommuting) to help out with all our various projects. You'd probably be working about three months, and we can adjust that depending on your availability. Pay is based on experience.  We're looking for candidates that:

* have experience in the music software and/or game industries
* have written software for mobile platforms (iPhone preferred)
* have built and shipped consumer products
* are able to create polished GUIs
* know Objective-C, C, or C++
* know PHP and Python
* have experience with OpenGL
* have experience scaling servers (multiple webservers, memcache)
* are comfortable working with low-level audio and asynchronous network programming

So if you've got some or all of the above skills, please send your resume here (pdf attachments preferred), write "Internship Applicant: Your Name" in the subject line, and we'll be in touch if we'd like to talk further!

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