Sunday, September 25, 2011

Announcing WIST (and a Tabletop sale!)

Tabletop users may already be familiar with the WIST technology for sync-start & tempo control between two copies of the app, but we’re happy to announce that as of today, KORG — the creators of the WIST standard — have opened their SDK to all iOS developers & many new apps are already joining the WIST platform!

Along, with Tabletop, Propellerhead’s ReBirth for iPad & iPhone were among the first third-party apps to support WIST & they’re now joined by tempo rubato’s NLogSynth, finger’s BassLine & MoDrum, and of course all of KORG’s apps for both iPad & iPhone. As more apps begin to support WIST, you’ll always be able to find the current list on KORG’s “About WIST” page, which is also available from within each app.

And one more thing... To celebrate the announcement, KORG & Retronyms are placing our WIST-enabled apps on a half-price sale, so if you haven’t tried them yet, or you have some friends who you think would enjoy them, now is the perfect time to get a copy and start jamming... wirelessly!

(Developers note: If you’d like to learn more about the WIST SDK itself & how you can incorporate it in your own iOS apps, check out the project page on Google Code.)

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