Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tabletop 1.5

Over the last five updates we've added effects, synthesizers and drum machines. We've also added auto-routing and Retina display support for iPad 3. Tabletop 1.5 is a special release because it includes a deeper connection to the social network for sound creators, SoundCloud. We are calling this feature CloudSeeder.

CloudSeeder makes it easy to publish your songs to a music community and receive feedback. It's also the perfect place to find inspiration before diving into a new track. Your fans are waiting, so don't be shy and jump in! Publish a track, leave a comment, find listeners and collaborators.

I think one of the most interesting aspects of music is collaboration. When the right blend of instruments and musicians come together magic happens. Music doesn't work in a vacuum!  

There are other features and improvements in this release too. Along the lines of collaboration we have added AudioCopy so you can take a Tabletop loop or song into another app.

Finally, we have listened to our customers on Facebook and added a device bundle. This is a single purchase that allows you to buy all the devices you don't own at a discount.

Thanks.  I'll see you on SoundCloud!


  1. I am loving the new update! I think the bundle pricing is a lot more clear and enticing, so don't be surprised if you see a payment from me coming in soon!

    One lil' bug I did notice, though: if you are NOT connected to WiFi and you pull up a template with unpurchased devices on it and then you click the "BUY" button on the unpurchased device, Tabletop seems to crash.

  2. Very impressed with the new version and bundle pricing ( bought the bundle), I've love to see a couple more things based on devices you already have. If we could use the tone matrix interface to drive the two synths that would be great to we'd have pattern based editing for those devices instead of purely "record" with no visual indication of note placement. Better presents for the tone matrix, they all sound very plinky/plonky :)