Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tabletop Q+A: The Human Boot Project

I'm sure it won't be a surprise that everyone at Retronyms HQ were sporting big smiles when we saw The Human Boot Project's video for "Delight." It is a great song and it was fantastic to see an artist using Tabletop the way we envisioned it. Not only was the music composed in the app, but the artist was using it to manipulate, perform, and remix the song for the video. This was definitely someone we wanted to talk to more. Exactly who is behind The Human Boot Project remains a bit of a mystery, but here's what we found out.

Tell us about yourself. Who are you and what's your background?
I started this Human Boot Project, and I do everything. I've been making several songs and remix music based on electronica. Most of my works are released from a record company in Europe (Red Robot).

How did you come to start Human Boot Project?
I’m interested in many kinds of music, and I’ve been thinking if I mix them together, it will be something fun and different. [That] idea made me start [The Human Boot Project].

What type of software do you predominately use?
I usually use Logic on my Mac. I also use some apps on the iPhone/iPad very regularly while I’m working on [music].

Obviously we were excited to see that you used Tabletop for the song and video of "Delight." How did you discover the app? 
Thank you for your interest [in] my video. I was very interested in the Tabletop since it was released, and it was one of the reasons why I bought an iPad.

What drew you to using it?
The flexibility is the best part of it. I can put the devices together easily, and it helps making my own music set.

Do you plan to use Tabletop in more songs?
Sure. I want to use it as DJ-style and make more music videos with it.

Have you encountered any limitations or things you wish you could do in the app?
I’d like to have Loop Sampler in the app. Touchpad Sampler is difficult to use with.

What do you think of the iPad as a musical device?
iPad is very interesting and unique to use as a musical device and controller. Touchpad is easy and convenient to use [with] music live, and I like [to] play using Touchpad set as a Tabletop. I can concentrate more playing music if I use it like that.

What's up next for you?
I’ll release [a] couple new remix[es] and collaborat[ions] within a few months, and my new original songs are also ready to go. Anyone who wants to join and support me is more than welcome!

The Human Boot Project's latest release, Picture Over Picture EP, is now available for download at Beatport. Follow this link. 

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