Thursday, July 29, 2021

HOW TO: Customize Programs in iMPC Pro 2 🎧

For this tutorial, we're going to be using a few terms here. Let's break these terms down first before we get into it.
PROJECTSThe main hub for your current sound project, which has TRACKS and PROGRAMS inside of it, as well as pre-loaded templates on the main screen.
TRACKSA way to organize your song, includes the Drum, AU, and Vocal track options within the TRACK VIEW.
PROGRAMSWithin each PROJECT and TRACK, there is a corresponding program. For iMPC Pro Packs, they contain programs with the sounds laid out in a specific way designed by the pack's producer.

While your PROJECTS and TRACKS are specific, PROGRAMS are universal. In other words, you can open up a various PROGRAM template in a different PROJECT, or toggle between TRACKS to move between ideas. Programs are great for creating templates across tracks, or referencing specific folders within a Sound Pack in another project.

Customize Your Programs 🎶

1. Open up iMPC Pro 2
2. Choose a project
3. Load in some sounds from the Sound Library (tutorial here!)

4. Save your sounds by tapping the PROGRAM menu at the top bar
5. Tap "My Programs"
6. Tap SAVE PROGRAM and choose your name
7. Done!

Level Up 🎧

PRODUCER TIP: You can also organize your sounds by choosing the PROGRAM name to reflect the TRACK as well. This is an organizational strategy if you're building a set and need to quickly move between tracks!

DEVELOPER NOTE: Your program does not automatically delete! You can do this manually by swiping left on the program name, and you'll see the red delete button pop up. This feature is helpful when you make changes to a program or move to another track and you will see a COPY of your program was generated. You can delete the copies or any unuseable programs by doing so.

Explore the Possibilities🔥

For more tutorials, sign up for iMPC University, a 10 day deep-dive into all things iMPC Pro 2. Written in collaboration with producer, Mr. Cates, you'll learn secrets about how to fine tune your work and take your tracks to the next level. 🎶 At the end of the course, you'll unlock a free sound pack: The Diploma. Cheers to our upcoming class of 2021... 🍻

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