Monday, October 26, 2009

Seek n Spell 1.3 in the App Store

The next update to Seek 'n Spell is finally available in the App Store! Version 1.3 has one very exciting new feature: automated computer-generated players for some extra competition. The CPU players can be added to multiplayer games but are probably most beneficial for single player games so there's way more motivation to run around to get letters. But beware, they're pretty good, so if you're just puttering around, taking your good old time to collect letters, there is a very good chance that you'll lose!

We've also developed a free version of the game for the iPhone, Seek 'n Spell Lite, which is still under review but should be out soon. This app isn't ad-supported, but alas, you only get a measly ten minutes to play per day, and this version doesn't have the computer-generated players. To anyone who might feel the need to whine about this, you're right. This is all an evil ploy to let you try out Seek 'n Spell, only to find that the ten minutes allotted per day does nothing to satisfy your running/spelling lust, forcing you to upgrade to the paid version [insert menacing laugh].

In other exciting news, Seek 'n Spell will no longer be exclusive to the iPhone! We're putting the finishing touches on the Android version of Seek 'n Spell, and it'll soon be available in the market. It will have all the same features as the iPhone version, and what's even better is that iPhones and Android phones can play in the same game! Yes, here we are bridging the gap between Apple and Google, to bring people with smartphones together for fun-filled outdoor spelling competitions. We'll keep you posted on when Seek 'n Spell is officially in the Android market and Seek 'n Spell Lite is in the App Store!

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